Vision Corrected by Jesus

Daily Spirit & Word, 492: Vision Corrected by Jesus.

Good morning my friends. Last night was amazing at the 40 Days With Jesus meeting. We were joined by a new member and the group shared the experience of getting so far with Jesus, then hitting what seemed like a BRICK WALL. It’s like they tried to live like Christians but kept on failing, time and time again. My friends, there IS a wall, a huge wall, but we’ll need our Vision Corrected by Jesus to see it and then the POWER of the Holy Spirit to take it down. Thankfully, He’s provided everything we need for the operation to take place. He’s given a skilled surgeon (The Holy Spirit) who knows how to open the eyes of men and women born blind (Spiritually Blind), then He’s provided the means of support for after surgery care and the apparatus that will help keep our vision corrected (The Bible, the fellowship of followers and gifted people who’ll help us to reach maturity in the faith; Apsotles, Prophets, Pastors, Evangelists and Teachers). These gifts from the LORD will enable us to not only breakthrough the biggest walls, they’ll usher in the New Way of Abundant Life Jesus intends for all who trust in Him.

40 Days With Jesus: Week Two:

An Eye Opening Journey. Luke 23:13-35 (The Road To Emmaus).

Week two is all about how Jesus revealed Himself to two of His followers after the resurrection, but they were kept from recognising who Jesus was for a while. Day 8: Focuses upon how we all need Vision Correction Surgery, i.e. we need to see things from God’s perspective rather than our own. It’s like looking at things with Heavenly Eyes instead of Earthly Eyes. Until we’ve come to a true and living faith and trust in Jesus, these Spiritual things are impossible for us to truly grasp or understand fully. Thankfully, the Holy Spirit can work on our hearts and minds in bringing His Divine illumination and we’ll begin to see God’s perspective.

40 Days With Jesus: Day 8: Vision Correction Surgery:

In the little book accompanying 40 Days With Jesus (and on the Video), Dave recounts his own ‘Spiritual Blindness’: “For the first 19 years of my life, I was spiritually blind. I grew up in a Vicarage (The Home of a Clergyman in the Church of England), spent six years living in a Christian community, attended Sunday School, went to Christian youth groups and sat through countless church services.” (Imagine doing all that and still not coming to faith and trust in Jesus.). Dave continues; “But it was all a bit of a blur! While not intellectually disagreeing with what I was hearing, it was as if I had a spiritual veil over my eyes, so that the reality and the significance of who Jesus was and why He came didn’t really impact me”.

My friends, we can do ALL the things Christians do and yet still not be SAVED ourselves or even see our NEED for Salvation. Thankfully Dave’s eyes were opened. He continues, “After a brief period of searching at the age of 11-12, I gave up, stopped going to church and embarked on a full-scale teenage rebellion. That was until my first year of university, when I had what I would describe as ‘Vision Correction Surgery’: my eyes were opened, and for the first time I could actually ‘see’ my true need of Christ and appreciate what He had really done for me.” Dave experienced his Vision Corrected by Jesus.

Throughout History God has specialised in opening the eyes of people who are born spiritually blind. On the Road to Emmaus that’s what Jesus was doing with the Disciples. He was walking alongside them as they discussed the recent events in Jerusalem; i.e. what had happened to Jesus and how they’d heard reports that He was raised from the dead and is alive. Luke 24:13-14. We know that one was called Cleopas (v18), and the others us not known. This account helps to authenticate the Gospel of John, becuase these obscure followers, were not Apostles. If they were trying to make up the story, surely they’d have had one of Lord’s chosen ones. The fact that Jesus chose ordinary followers also gives great hope for everyone who comes to faith in Him today, because Jesus cares about those who are considered nothing in the eyes of the world.

The disciples were talking and discussing and Jesus appeared alongside them, but they didn’t recognise Him. In fact the Bible tells us  Luke 24:16 “but they were kept from recognising him.”

There’s a POWER at work here: We’re not told who, what or how they were ‘Kept from recognising‘ Jesus, but there’s definitely something stopping them from seeing Jesus for who He really is. It might be because Jesus resurrected appearance was different, we don’t know, but some have suggested that it’s Satan who’s blinded the minds of unbelievers. (2 Corinthians 4:4). Others suggest that it may have been the Lord Himself, keeping them from knowing who was walking with them for His own purposes. But there are also the personal reasons why the disciples couldn’t see, we’ll be looking into that more during this week.

Jesus Takes The Initiative:

But what’s important for us to focus upon today is that it’s Jesus Christ who took the initiative to walk alongside them on the Road to Emmaus. Even though they didn’t recognise Him at first, He joined them on their journey. His purpose was to lead them to faith. My friends, many Christians, myself included, will recall times when they felt the presence or influence of Jesus or the Holy Spirit long before they finally had their eyes opened.

One of the most famous conversion experiences in history is that of John Newton, the former slave trader. It took a storm and an impending disaster before he called out to God, then afterwards he began to search for Jesus by reading Evangelical tracts and books and the Bible. He went onto serve the Lord and was a leading light in the march towards the abolition of slavery with William Wilberforce. Newton wrote the famous hymn; “Amazing Grace”, you may have seen the recent Hollywood Movie?

“Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound,
that saved a wretch like me,
I once was blind by now I’m found,
Was BLIND but now I SEE.”

The wonderful news is that there are thousands, if not millions of people, who’ve also had Eye Opening Experiences with Jesus. He’s come alongside people by His Spirit and moves them to see their need for His Salvation. He’ll also do that with you too my friends, if He’s not done that already. He’s drawing everyone to Himself.

You and I can have either a first time encounter with Jesus or a refresher. That encounter could happen today.

Points to Ponder:

  • Have you began an eye-opening journey with Jesus?
  • How clear is your vision of the risen Jesus?
  • Is your vision blurred in any way? Sometimes we fail to see something because of our own “eye defects’, sometimes we fail to see because we have put something in front of our eyes. Is there something that you have let obscure your own vision of Jesus?


Dear Lord Jesus, I thank You that You want to reveal Yourself to me, so that I can ‘see’ who You really are and what You have done for me. Please remove anything that’s preventing me from seeing who You really are. I’m asking You Lord for the spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that I can know You better today. Amen.

I hope you all have an exciting day and realise that Jesus is walking with you every step of the way.


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Day 8: Vision Corrected by Jesus.