Vision Blurred By Disappointment

Daily Spirit & Word, 493: Vision Blurred by Disappointment.

40 Days With Jesus: Day 9: Vision Blurred by Disappointment.

Good morning my friends, in our reading this morning from Luke’s Gospel we’re going to see how a misplaced hope can lead to us loosing vision and ability to see all that God wants for us, which in turn can leave us feeling disappointed, disheartened, discouraged and demoralised.

Luke 24:17-21 17  He asked them, “What are you discussing together as you walk along?” They stood still, their faces downcast.
18  One of them, named Cleopas, asked him, “Are you only a visitor to Jerusalem and do not know the things that have happened there in these days?”
19  “What things?” he asked. “About Jesus of Nazareth,” they replied. “He was a prophet, powerful in word and deed before God and all the people. 20  The chief priests and our rulers handed him over to be sentenced to death, and they crucified him; 21  but we had hoped that he was the one who was going to redeem Israel. And what is more, it is the third day since all this took place…”

Can you see it my friends? The give-away, tell-tale and revealing words: “We HAD Hoped” i.e. they’d now given up their hope of Jesus being the prophet. They’d been let-down or at least felt they’d been let-down. As Jesus approached them and came up along-side them and asked “What are you discussing?” they were just too disheartened and disappointed that they just couldn’t see that it was Jesus who was right there beside them talking to them.

Their Misplaced Hope:

They thought about Jesus, who had performed so many powerful things; “He was a prophet, powerful in word and deed before God and all the people”, and their thinking had led them to have a misplaced hope, a hope that was never going to be realised anyway, because that’s NOT what Jesus mission on earth was about. He did not come to be an Earthly King. He didn’t come to kick out the Romans and deliver Israel from bondage to the Empire. That’s what they’d put their hope in and now that Jesus had been killed, all their hopes vanished like smoke on a windy ridge. Their hope had been snuffed out like a candle. Their light had been dimmed and now they were in darkness and couldn’t see that it was Jesus who was with them. Oh my friends, if only they’d put their hope in Jesus and His real mission. If only they’d listened to His words and teaching whilst he was on the earth. But sometime, because we’re so wrapped up in what we want, we’re not interested in what anyone else desires. They didn’t really care to understand Jesus, for if they had they’d have understood that the Messiah was appointed by God to suffer upon the cross and to die for the sins of the whole of humanity, not just Israel.

That’s what we’ll discover as we continue in our reading tomorrow, as Jesus opens up the Scriptures once again to them. He did it before he died on the cross and now, in His amazing grace, He’s going to take the time to reveal to them from all the Scriptures about the Christ, the Messiah and the Bible’s amazing prophesies about Himself.

I wonder today my friends, how many revelations from Jesus have we missed, because we’ve been hoping in and for wrong things? How our vision has been clouded or shrouded in a mist of discouragement because we’ve been hoping for something that God didn’t even want us to have in the first place? You see my friends, God’s plans for us are always better, even than our own most cherished dreams.

“God’s plans for us are always better, even than our own most cherished dreams.”

How My Disappointments Have Brought Breakthroughs:

We’ve had our share of disappointments in life: When I was selected to go on an enhancement course in the Royal Navy, the normal thing was that you’d be elevated to a higher rank at the start of the course. I was looking forward to life in the Senior Rate’s Mess, with all the privileges associated with being a Senior Rate in the Navy and the respect that goes with the rank. However, just before I started the two and a half year course, they changed the rules and said, “At the end of Artificer Training you’ll receive your new rank…” Oh my friends, I can’t tell you what a disappointment that was, because I’d put so much hope and so many dreams into it, but now it was going to take a further two and a half years before it would happen. We had a saying in the Navy that helped us cope with these kinds of let-downs: “That’s Life in a Blue Suit” or “Sometimes you dip-in, but you never dip-out”.

God’s Plans are ALWAYS BETTER:

You see my friends, I was a Christian and over those 3 1\2 years I was able to do things for the LORD that I’d never have been able to do if I’d been a Senior Rating. Shortly after I began, an Admiral joined our Christian fellowship. It was amazing, we were all sitting chatting before the Bible Study began and in walks this Admiral in uniform. When someone of such high rank walks in, you all stop what your doing and stand to attention. He said, “Relax everyone, I’m Mike, I not here as an Admiral, I’m your brother a fellow Christian, please call me Mike”. He asked everyone what their names where and it came to me, I said, “My name is Donald Sir”. He said, “No, Donald, don’t call me Sir, call me Mike”. Well after a few hours of fellowship with the Admiral we were all calling him Mike. He invited me and another rating to his Admiral’s Mansion one night, we didn’t know, but it was a very special dinner. Stewards and servants served us the most sumptuous foods. He’s invited about 25 Royal Navy Chaplains and the Admiral said, “I’m going to ask you gentlemen to sit and listen to Donald, He’s going to tell you how best to serve the RATINGS as God’s Chaplains at sea”. If I’d been a Senior Rate, I’d never have addressed those Chaplains. I related my own experience of Chaplains and how they’d try and be like the boys, drinking down the mess-decks, with coarse joking and even getting drunk with them. How they had never shared about the Lord Jesus with me or my friends. The Admiral knew this too and had observed that very few chaplains ever talk about the Lord Jesus, that’s why he wanted me to address them. I said, “I became a Christian in the local church where I lived, but if a Chaplain had talked with me about Jesus, then perhaps I could have become a Christian much sooner”. The Admiral, with the aid of the Chaplains, started to formulate a plan for a Navy-Wide Evangelism initiative. God’s plans are always better than our most dearly held wishes.

“God’s plans for us are always better, even than our own most cherished dreams.”

My friends, I know that you’ve had disappointments in life too; perhaps you didn’t get;

  • that dream job,
  • that promotion,
  • that pay-rise you were expecting,
  • that house or home you’d planed for,
  • that your husband or wife didn’t turn out to be your dream boy or girl after all,
  • that your children have let you down,
  • that your Christian brothers and sisters didn’t live up to expectations,
  • that ……………. (fill in the blanks)

When you’ve been disappointed my friends, your vision of what God is doing has been clouded as a result, that’s normal, “that’s life” as they say, but it’s how you deal with disappointments. You can either focus upon your dashed-dreams, expectations that have been un-delivered or you can get right back up on your feet and train your attention, fix your gaze towards Heaven and seek the Lord Jesus Christ.

From experience of having had many disappointments I can tell you that there have been times when I’ve done both. The times that I’ve dwelt upon my let-downs, dashed-dreams and forlorn hopes are the times that I’ve been lowest in my walk with Jesus. During those times I’ve not wanted to worship, pray or read the Bible. I didn’t long to hear sermons or serve the Lord or gather with the saints. Dwelling upon disappointments leads to blurred vision and lost hope and your faith will sink even lower.

But I’ve discovered a secret, it’s that giving thanks to God, even when you don’t really feel like it, when you’ve been most let-down are the times you’re going to see some of the biggest spiritual breakthroughs in your Spiritual life and walk with Jesus Christ. Purposefully turn towards the Lord Jesus Christ in faith. Even though you’ve been disappointed, He’s never lost control, He’s never been without a plan for good in your life, He’s always been there for you. Jesus will help you even if your feeling disappointed right now with something in your life. Turn agian to Jesus, do it right now, don’t put it off until you are feeling better, because dwelling upon disappointments leads to further misery and heartache. Jesus has got JOY waiting to burst like a fountain into your heart right now.

I’m just so thankful that Jesus took the time to get alongside those disheartened and disappointed disciples on the Road to Emmaus. For what I see is this, even though we get it wrong, when we’re wrong focused and put our hopes in the wrong things, the Lord will never leave us in error for very long. He’s got amazing plans for your life and even through disappointments we’ll see Him at work withing our situations. When you started following Jesus, He made a commitment towards you that lasts for all eternity. He’s NOT going to lose a single one of those who trusted in Him. Your hope can be reignited and your dreams will become His dreams for you.

“God’s plans for you are always better, even than your own most cherished dreams.”

Turn again to Jesus my friends and all your dashed-dreams and disheartened disappointments will vanish and you’re going to feel the POWER of Heaven in your heart again. Your vision can and will be restored by the Living Lord Jesus Christ.

Choose Today: Don’t Let Your Vision Be Blurred By Disappointments.

Praise the Lord.


Points to Ponder on Day 9:

  • What are your “I had hoped for ………” prayers or dreams? Don’t give up on these my friends. Commit your plans to the Lord and He has promised that your plans will succeed. He’ll direct your ways. Ask for His plans to unfold in your life today.
  • Don’t allow your sense of disappointment to prevent you from expecting God to work in your life. Is it possible that your desire to see God acting in a particular way has blinded you to the possibility that God might be acting in some other way?
  • Are you disappointed with anyone? anything? Are you even disappointed with yourself? Acknowledge this and then release it to the Lord Jesus today. Ask for His forgiveness for holding onto these things and ask that His Holy Spirit will fill you with grace to move forward and enable you to be filled with His hope and dreams for your life.

Prayers on Day 9 of 40 Days with Jesus.

Dear Lord Jesus Christ, I thank You that hopelessness and disappointment are not my inheritance. I will not allow my hope to be stolen because I know that You cause all things to work together for my good (Romans 8:28). I release all sense of disappointment that is clouding my vision of You and come to You Lord Jesus. Come into my life and be my Lord again today. Amen.

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“God’s plans for you are always better, even than your own most cherished dreams.”