Chinwag With Neighbours

Chinwag With The Neighbours.

Chinwag with Neighbours
Chinwag with Neighbours

40 Acts Together. Day 2: Chinwag With Your Neighbours.

What a brilliant idea, people actually chatting with one another.

I know there are times when I don’t even see my neighbours for weeks, sometimes months. We are on good neighbourly terms, but we just don’t seem to make time to have even a little chat. So today, I’m going out of my way to say hello and see if they are prepared to go a bit further.


Conversation Starters: Many people are stumped as to what to say to people after an initial greeting.

What great about the UK is that we’ve always got something to talk about every day: THE WEATHER ๐Ÿ™‚

I know that seems a bit corny, but people are not ready for the “How are you doing?” question straigh away. Why? Because asking people how they are is very personal, and getting into ‘really’ personal stuff with people you don’t know that well isn’t comfortable, either for you or for them. So start with pleasantries and ask about other things or make a statement that requires no personal information to be communicated. They’ll feel comfortable with you and you’ll feel comfortable with them too: It’s a WIN / WIN idea.

What to Chinwag About?

Chatting to Neighbours
Chatting to Neighbours

ย Here are a few things you can chat about with neighbours or comparative strangers.

Let’s Have A Chinwag

The Weather: How it makes you feel: You can be positive about the cold, rain, wind, ice, snow, sun, shade… There are great things to say about the weather. “I just love watching those big fluffy clouds”… I said that to one lady and she said, “Thank you so much, I’ve been feeling good today and just realised why, I too love the shapes of the clouds”… Funny ๐Ÿ™‚ Smiles all around.

The State of your street or neighbourhood. People always want to chat about where they live. (Tip: Try and be as positive as you can, but be genuine). People don’t really like people who MOAN all the time. So find something positive to say about your area. Don’t get know as a GRUMPY NEIGHBOUR…

The Up-Coming Events Nearby: E.G. We’ve got something called West Norwood Feast… You could say what you think about it and how good it is at getting to know people in the locality, etc… What’s on offer, what events / things you like about the Feast…

The Gardens: How they look or make you feel.

Window Boxes or Planters. “Lovely flowers”…

The News: But try and find some good news. Local news is best for neighbours…

The important thing for this LENT focus is to just try and get CHINWAGING (Chatting). It’s all about being generous with your time, talents and treasures. Stewardship for Life.

Hope you have fun!

Hope you stay Happy!

I’ll let you know how I get on later.

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Chinwag with Neighbours.