Holy Spirit Gifts: Faith & Healing

Daily Spirit & Word: You Can’t WORK-UP Faith:

You can only RECEIVE it.

Gifts of the Holy Spirit #3: Faith & Healing.

1 Corinthians 12:9   “…to another faith by the same Spirit, to another gifts of healing by that one Spirit,…”

The Holy Spirit Gifts of Faith and Healing:

In my experience it’s ALWAYS so exciting and faith-lifting when we see people being healed when we pray to the Lord Jesus for them.

There are different kinds or levels of faith:

Saving Faith:

Ephesians 2:8 (NIV) “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God—

  • We are justified by faith. 
  • We are sanctified by faith. 

Justified = Just as if I’d never sinned.

Sanctified = Made into a Saint by faith in Jesus (Set apart for the Lord).

However, we must realise that ALL FAITH is a gift from God.

No matter what LEVEL of Faith you’ve got right now: Strong Faith or Weak Faith: It all comes from God and it is a free gift to you, but it cost Him a great deal to be able to give it, so receive it as the expensive gift that it is.


However, we must acknowledge and know that FAITH is a gift to be received. It’s NOT something you work-up, squeeze-out or make-happen. It’s ALL of God. I say this because I’ve seen so many wonderful Christians who’ve been shattered, demoralised and defeated, because some foolish person (sometimes with the best intentions) has said, “It’s because you’ve not got ‘enough’ faith”. Implying that it is the person’s fault or that somehow they just needed to squeeze faith out. Can you imagine what it would be like if you wanted to get toothpaste from a toothpaste-tube if it had been in the freezer for a week? No amount of squeezing is going to get any out.

Saying someone didn’t have ‘enough’ faith to make their healing happen if just wrong. It’s NOT right my friends, even simple faith is a GIFT from the LORD. Yes my friends, faith is a gift we can all receive, but He in His divine wisdom and sovereign choice chooses who’s going to have a ‘special’ gift of faith.

Faith & Healing:

Are massive subjects, however, they are listed side by side, which I believe is for a reason. Because, without faith it would be impossible to exercise the gift of healing and conversely without healing it would be impossible to exercise faith.

Every Believer in Jesus: Is HEALED the moment they believe and trust in Him. Healed from the cruse, pollution, pull and power of sin.

Every believer is first given the gift of faith to enable them to believe in Jesus. Without faith it is impossible to please God and yet it’s God that gives us faith.

It’s the HOLY SPIRIT who DRAWS us to faith and trust in Jesus: John 6:44 (NIV) “No-one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him, and I will raise him up at the last day.” Do you see it? NO ONE can claim to have been saved by their own ‘great’ faith in Jesus. It’s ALL of God from beginning to end.

So when we get a very strong and powerful GIFT of FAITH: it’s not for us to be proud, puffed-up or boastful as if we’ve managed to get that faith all by ourselves or by our great goodness, God the Holy Spirit gave you that awesome, amazing, beautiful gift. So we are to use that gift of faith to BUILD UP THE BODY OF JESUS CHRIST. As stated yesterday, every GIFT of God’s Holy Spirit is to build up the church and to lead others to faith and trust in Jesus.

HEALING: We must note that there will be sick people on the Earth until the LORD returns and takes everyone to Heaven. In Heaven there will be no more sickness, crying or tears, but until then we’re stuck with decaying, diseased and dying bodies. However, sometimes the LORD will heal people miraculously. Even Jesus didn’t heal everybody: Remember the healing of the man by the pool (John 5), it was only he who received a healing that day, just didn’t heal everybody else at the pool. But when people came to Jesus for healing, He healed everyone. Tomorrow we’ll look at HEALING in a bit more depth, but for now: Pray that you’ll be given this awesome gift.

When we exercise (strengthen) our faith: it will grow stronger.

  • The GIFT of faith can grow even stronger.
  • The GIFT of faith can also grow weaker.

You’ve heard the saying, “Use it or loose it”… Well that’s quite true of the GIFT of FAITH. Though it cannot ever be completely lost once you’ve received it, it can become like a ‘smoking candle’ as if the fire has gone out. That happens when we stop EXERCISING our faith in Jesus.

Like normal muscles, FAITH needs to be constantly exercised or it’ll become almost useless and lifeless.

YOUR Faith will be TESTED:

God TESTS our faith, to see if we’re really holding onto Jesus.

Sometimes as you go on as a Christian, you’ll begin to think you can manage to live the Christian life on your own (who’d want to do that?) but that’s what we practically do, when we begin walking on our own, in our own strength, relying on past experience or knowledge. Somehow or other, we stop trusting in the Lord and begin to rely on the flesh. When that happens we’re headed for a fall. Every day, each believer must check themselves, to see if they’re STILL TRUSTING IN JESUS for their walk, witness and life. John 15 (The Vine and the Branches: Apart from Me you can do nothing).

I pray to the Lord Jesus Christ (every day) “Lord I’m going to trust You today: Help me to be a faithful Christian, a faithful witness and help me to stay close to you throughout this day” AMEN! My friends, the longer I go on as a Christian, the more I recognise that I need Jesus Christ and the indwelling Holy Spirit, every single day. “LORD, keep me from being proud”. “LORD, keep me from sinful thoughts”, “LORD, help me to speak Your Living Word”…. etc… I’m constantly praying throughout the day as well. We need to get into the good habit of walking constantly with Jesus in our thought life and we’ll begin to see great and wonderful things. He’ll guide you in conversations and situations and you’ll be totally amazed at what comes out of your mouth and the things you’ll be doing, all because you are walking with Jesus.

So the LORD tests you, to see if you are trusting in SELF or Jesus.

I’m praying that many of my friends, will get a great BIG boost of FAITH. It comes by hearing God’s WORD and I hope you’ve been lifted from the pit of despair today.

Come afresh to Jesus Christ, respond to the pull and call of the Holy Spirit, receive the GIFT of faith afresh today. He’s longing to give you more than you can ever imagine, more than you’ve ever had before, but when you get it, use it, use it to build the body and lead others to faith and trust in Jesus too.

“You Can’t Work-Up Faith, You Can ONLY Receive It”


“Receive It”

Have an AWESOME DAY full of FAITH and trust in Jesus. I know you are going to exercise your faith and see great an mighty things for Him. You are going to grow from strength to strength in Jesus.  “To God be the Glory, great things He hath done, so loved He the World that He gave us His Son.” Amen.


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