Page 4: The Normal Christian Life.

The Normal Christian Life

Page 4: Videos 16-20.

Video 16: The New Covenant: Amazing and Liberating.

We are called to live a holy life, but this can not be done by the law, but only by living a new life in the Spirit. This is a really important lesson that will set many Christians free from condemnation and show what the new covenant is about.

Video 17: Reformation of the Church System.

It’s TIME for a reformation of our church system. Buildings, staff, programs and budgets are issues that many people think of concerning a real church. But the early Christians did not have any of those things in the same way as we have it today. This is an important teaching that will set many people free from this present church system that kills the life, and it will help to become the church Jesus came to build.

Video 18: Jesus Vision For The Church.

This is an extremely important message to the church today. Here Torben shows us what Jesus has really called us to. Yes, much of what we do today in the churches is the exact opposite of what Jesus said. This important message will set many free to serve God in everyday life.

Video 19: Now Is The Time To Do It.

In this lesson Torben S√łndergaard helps us to practically obey Jesus in the calling he has given us. In this video, you get some simple tools that will not only transform your life but many people around you. Let the reformation begin.

Video 20: The Reformation Has Begun.

The Reformation has begun, and is growing worldwide. There are many people around who do not bear fruit, but why? Listen to this last interesting lesson of the Pioneer School with Torben S√łndergaard. The Reformation has begun and you can be a part of it!

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