40 Days With Jesus


40 Days With Jesus

A wonderful six week short course all about Jesus Christ.

It’s my hope and prayer that you’ll encounter Jesus Christ too. If you’ve never met with Jesus yet or if you already know Him, by committing to this short course you can be renewed in your Spirit and experience the New Life that Jesus promises to everyone who comes to Him.

Your Course Leader Will Be: Revd Donald Davis, Mrs Amanda Wright, Mr David Wilson, Mr Isaac Foffie and Mrs Caroline Foffie.


Week One: Encounter.

Day 1: A Surprising Encounter: Mary Magdalene Encounters The Risen Lord Jesus.

Day 2: The Light Overcomes The Darkness: Mary Magdalene’s dark night is turned into brilliant brightness.

Day 3: Life Overcomes Death: When Mary Magdalene met the risen Lord Jesus her worst nightmare was over. For everyone who gets to KNOW Jesus today, life takes on new meaning and we’re given hope not just for this life but for all ETERNITY.

Day 4: Jesus Presence for Your Despair: When Mary Magdalene couldn’t see hope because of her grief, the Angels from Heaven and the Lord Jesus Himself came to encourage her and help her. My friends, Jesus will come to your aid too. Read….

Day 5: Hearing The Voice Of Jesus Today:  Today is the day that Mary Magdalene hears the voice of Jesus. It’s important for many reasons, not least that she’s the first human being to hear Jesus when He comes back to life after dying upon the Cross.

Day 6: Relating to God as Father: Knowing that God is your Heavenly Father will encourage you today.

Day 7: Seeking and Finding: If you seek the Lord, then you are going to be blown away by what He’s going to do in your life.

Watch This Week’s Video Here:


Week Two: An Eye Opening Journey.

40 Days With Jesus Week Two: An Eye-Opening Journey: Luke 24:13-35.

Day 8: Vision Corrected by Jesus. Jesus draws alongside two followers, who’re prevented from recognising Him.

Day 9: Vision Blurred by Disappointment: Don’t let your disappointments blur your vision of what God can do in your live today.

Day 10: Vision Blurred by Doubt:

Day 11: Vision Corrected by A Revelation:

Day 12: Vision Corrected by Welcoming Jesus: As they welcome Jesus in they are going to get their revelation.

Day 13: Vision Corrected by The Breaking of Bread: As Jesus breaks the bread, their eyes are opened and they recognise Jesus.

Day 14: Go and Share The Good News: When the disciples experienced the risen Lord, they joyfully returned and wanted to tell everyone they’d met Jesus. Christians today also want to tell others, but sometimes a put-off by bad experiences. (I’ll be sharing much more on this topic on Spirit & Word: Evangelism: Christian need to be equipped).


Week Three: When Jesus Comes in the Midst.

Video For Week Three: When Jesus Comes.

40 Days with Jesus -Session 3 from CWR on Vimeo.

Focus Reading for Week Three: John 20:19-31. When Jesus Comes in the Midst.

Day 15: New Peace: John 20:19. Jesus Gives a NEW PEACE. It’s a peace that the world just can’t give us.

Day 16: New Hope: John 20:20,  Luke 24:36-43. Jesus Gives a NEW HOPE for eternity. Awesome teaching and revelation today.

Day 17: New Joy: John 20:20. When you get it, you’ll know it. The JOY of the LORD is AWESOME.

Day 18: New Purpose: John 20:21. Finding the meaning and purpose of your life is Key to your contentment and happiness.

Day 19: New Power and Authority: John 20:22-23. Jesus gives POWER and AUTHORITY to complete the mission He’s given to His followers today. Get equipped and be Born of God’s Spirit to enable you to serve Jesus.

Day 20: Doubting Thomas: John 20:24-25. Today, half way through 40 Days With Jesus. We see one of the most illuminating passages in the whole Bible. Which can reveal to us the difference between Honest Doubt and Stubborn Unbelief. There’s nothing wrong with honest questions, but stubborn unbelief is a sin.

Day 21: Two Types of Faith: John 20:26-29. Today we’ll see that there are two types of faith: First the one, like Thomas, that requires physical evidence or proof. The second; Believing faith that must be exercised. We don’t just say, “I believe in Jesus” we put our trust in Him and receive Him as Lord.



Week Four: Overcoming Failure.

Sometimes our failures or fear of failure can cripple our walk with Jesus. This week we’re going to discover some of God’s ways to overcome our failures and our fears of failure too.

40 Days with Jesus -Session 4 from CWR on Vimeo.

Day 22: Your Future Is Greater Than Your Failure: John 21:1, 14. Today we discover that Jesus is there watching our lives and longing to give us instruction about how we can overcome our present and past failures. We may wander away and give up on Jesus, but He’ll NEVER give up on us. Once He’s begun a good work within us, He’ll bring it completion.

Day 23: Jesus Helps You In Your Present Struggles: John 21:1-4. It’s sometimes the ordinary things in life we’ll see the biggest miracles. When we’re going about our ‘normal’ life and we involve the Lord Jesus. It’s a WOWzer! Don’t wait too long to invite Jesus and call upon Him to be with you.

Day 24: How To Respond To Your Helper (Holy Spirit). John 21:5-6.

Day 25: From the Miracles to the Miracle Maker: Knowing Jesus and seeking His FACE is more important than any of the Miracles He does or will do in and through your life.

Day 26: Jesus Restores Peter: It’s fantastic the way that Jesus gives people many chances.

Day 27: Peter is Recommissioned by Jesus: “Feed My lambs, take care of My sheep, feed My sheep”

Day 28: Beware the Comparison Trap: When we are busy looking at other people’s ministry and calling, there’s a danger we’ll miss our own.


Week Five: Made For A Mission.

40 Days with Jesus – Session 5 from CWR on Vimeo.

Watch the Video, then follow the links below to the daily thoughs.

Day 29: Jesus Presence, Purpose and Power: Knowing that Jesus has commissioned you gives your life PURPOSE, His Presence assures us and brings POWER to our life. His purpose is that we are active in fulfilling His GREAT COMMISSION.

Day 30: Be Transformed: Be Transformed by Jesus to share in His Mission of Transforming the Lives of Others.

Day 31: Jesus is the source of your mission: He’s the ONE who’s sending you and giving you what you need for His Mission.

Day 32: Jesus calls you to go on His Mission:

Day 33: Believe and Be Baptized:

Day 34: Teaching Them to OBEY Everything Jesus Commands: 

Day 35: The Promise of the Presence of The LORD Jesus Christ: 

Week Six: Final Preparations.


What Next?