Respecting What the LORD Provides

Familiarity breeds contempt

Daily Spirit & Word: 606:

Respecting What The LORD Provides.

Learning to call for the LORD’s Help when we feel we can’t cope.

Numbers 11:4-14 The People Crave Meat.
4 The rabble with them began to crave other food, and again the Israelites started wailing and said, “If only we had meat to eat!
5  We remember the fish we ate in Egypt at no cost—also the cucumbers, melons, leeks, onions and garlic.
6  But now we have lost our appetite; we never see anything but this manna!”
7  The manna was like coriander seed and looked like resin.
8  The people went around gathering it, and then ground it in a hand mill or crushed it in a mortar. They cooked it in a pot or made it into cakes. And it tasted like something made with olive oil.
9  When the dew settled on the camp at night, the manna also came down.
10  Moses heard the people of every family wailing, each at the entrance to his tent. The LORD became exceedingly angry, and Moses was troubled.
11  He asked the LORD, “Why have you brought this trouble on your servant? What have I done to displease you that you put the burden of all these people on me?
12  Did I conceive all these people? Did I give them birth? Why do you tell me to carry them in my arms, as a nurse carries an infant, to the land you promised on oath to their forefathers?
13  Where can I get meat for all these people? They keep wailing to me, ‘Give us meat to eat!’
14  I cannot carry all these people by myself; the burden is too heavy for me.

It’s a common problem: Instead of offering thanks for what the Lord chooses to provide for us, we crave other things.

Ingratitude and Disrespecting God:

It led to the Lord being aroused to Holy ANGER.

I don’t know if you’ve ever done something wonderful for someone only to have it thrown back in your face? Have you ever spent time carefully making something and the person you are making it for makes a face as if they are eating horse dung?

We’d just been married a few weeks when my young and beautiful wife made me a stew: It was one of our first meals together in our new home. The table had been set and she called me, then served me a steaming hot plate of stew. It tasted great, but the meat was like leather. Instead of gratefully just chewing and enjoying it, I declared, “It’s horrible, I can’t eat that, it’s too tough”… I can’t tell you how bad it make me feel when I think back at just how insensitive I was back then. How dreadful I was to my wife. Imagine, she’d taken time to make me a lovely meal and I’d shoved it back in disgust. Even now I can see the hurt expression upon my young brides face.

Thankfully, we’ve been married for 36 years now, we can look back and laugh at how stupid and ignorant I was. I’ve learned to be more appreciative of all that she does for me, taking into account the preparation time and effort. No matter what she serves me now, I always say thank you darling. Most of the time her food tastes fantastic, but no matter I’ve learned to show appreciation: It’s called RESPECT.

God tells us: “Husbands respect, honour your wives”

Now, here in Numbers, the Lord has set the people free from captivity in Egypt and He’s providing miracle food from Heaven every day, it’s called Manna and the Israelites, instead of appreciating and respecting what He’s providing, begin to grumble and complain and wish they were slaves in Egypt again. How UNGRATEFUL: How DISRESPECTFUL they’d become. But not towards a human being only, but to their Creator God. Instead of thanking Him every day; they throw it back in His Holy face and declare “We want MEAT”… “We don’t like this Manna, we want MEAT”…

It’s an amazing account and well worth taking time to sit down and read the whole story in Numbers 11. However, Moses also begins to complain to the Lord about the Israelites and their constant grumbling. He can’t cope with it, he needs help and cries to the Lord “I cannot carry all these people by myself; the burden is too heavy for me”. Of course Moses was right, there was no way he could manage over half-a-million souls on his own, he did need help, but the Lord was just testing him, waiting for the moment that Moses would cry out and ask. For the Lord gave 70 Elders the same Holy Spirit that was upon Moses and equipped them to Prophesy and Lead the People with Him.

Many times, we’ll be going through stuff, we’ll struggle and try out best, we’ll tire ourselves out and feel that the burden is just too heavy for us to bear. However, just like He was with Moses, the LORD is waiting for the moment that you conclude, “I can’t cope alone”… “I can’t carry this heavy burden by myself”  When you get to that point, or even before it, do what Moses did, cry out to the LORD. He did the right thing, Moses didn’t just grumble to other people, He took his problem to the Lord, the only one who could solve his problem.

So often I’ve observed: People struggle, strive and labour, but they don’t ASK the LORD for His holy help. They complain and get bitter. My friends, don’t wait until you reach that point of not being able to cope; instead take all your problems, you struggles and your predicaments to the LORD. Talk to Him about it and ask Him to give you assistance. He’s waiting.

In contrast to Moses, the people of Israel just grumbled, they complained to each other, the got bitter against the Lord and Moses His servant. Instead of giving thanks and praising the Lord for His awesome miracle provision, they grumbled about it and complained and showed total disrespect. No wonder the ANGER of the LORD was aroused.


At first the Israelites were so thankful for the Lord’s miraculous provision of miracle Manna from Heaven: How quickly they’d become so used to it that they began to grumble and crave earthly food. Familiarity really does breed contempt. They’d gotten to the point of disrespecting the miraculous. WOWzer! Warning, Warning, Warning…. (Remember the Robot in Lost in Space?)

So the LORD gave in and provided what they were craving: MEAT.

However, the LORD went OTT (Over the top)… He gave them way too much meat. Eventually they realised their error, but they learned the HARD way to be appreciative.

How’s your RESPECT for what the Lord has provided for your life?

Are you really full of THANKSGIVING?

It’s harvest thanksgiving time: So let’s all try and be genuinely thankful to the LORD for all He’s provided for our life on this awesome earth.

Of course we have the teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ and He reveals that He is the TRUE MANNA (bread) from Heaven. He wants us to rely upon Him, when life gets too much for you to cope with: Cry out to Jesus. He really is the BREAD of Heaven and will supply ALL that you need in life. Turn to Him today. (John 6:25-59. Jesus the True Bread From Heaven)



He gives me ‘LIVING WATER’ and I thirst no more.

Living Water, Soul Satisfaction, Jesus

Daily Spirit & Word: 605:

He gives me living water and I thirst no more.

John 4:14 (KJV) “But whosoever drinks of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.”
Good morning my friends, do you know there have been so many wonderful praise and worship songs about how the Lord satisfies the needs of the follower of Jesus Christ? I’ve found myself moved so many times, in tears I’ve praised the LORD and He’s come to meet my needs.
  • He gives me living water and I thirst no more…the joy of the Lord is my strength.
  • There’s a fountain flowing deep and wide.
  • Deep and wide, deep and wide, there’s a fountain flowing deep and wide.
  • Take us to the river, take us there in unity to sing, a song of Your Salvation…
  • Here’s my cup Lord, fill it up Lord, come and quench this thirsting of my soul.
  • I heard the voice of Jesus say, “Come unto me and rest, lay down my weary one”…
  • All the way my Saviour leads me …
It’s amazing the way that the Lord does take away all the cravings for the things of this world. The follower of Jesus has enough in His Lord to satisfy every soul longing in life. All these praise and worship songs have been written because the Lord has shown Himself to be faithful to those who wrote them.

Hymn Story: “Here’s My Cup Lord”

For instance, I read somewhere about the little song “Here’s my cup Lord, fill it up Lord” that the Pastor, Richard Blanchard was waiting for a couple that he was preparing for marriage and they were late. He was sitting at the piano, impatient and his heart was getting angry that they were late. So he began to tinkle the ivories and this song came to Him:
Life was never to be a bed of roses for Richard Blanchard.
       A severe lung problem developed, and Blanchard was left with one-third of his lung capacity. But a diminished physical well-being did not stop young Blanchard.
       In 1953, he became the pastor of a church in Coral Gables, Florida, and one day, was asked by a young couple to perform their marriage ceremony. However, the couple was quite late for their counseling appointment.
       Blanchard told his secretary, “I will wait for thirty minutes and I’m leaving.” He then went to a nearby Sunday school room and sat down to play the piano for a while.
       He later said, “When I was not in the mood to be used of God, God was in a mood to use me.” In less than thirty-minutes, as he waited for the young couple, God gave him the inspiring song “Fill My Cup, Lord”
“When I was not in the mood to be used of God, God was in a mood to use me.”
(1) Like the woman at the well I was seeking
For things that could not satisfy;
And then I heard my Savior speaking:
“Draw from My well that never shall run dry.”

CHORUS: Fill my cup, Lord, I lift it up, Lord!
Come and quench this thirsting of my soul;
Bread of heaven, feed me ’til I want no more-
Fill my cup, fill it up and make me whole!

(2) There are millions in this world who are craving
The pleasure earthly things afford;
But none can match the wondrous treasure
That I find in Jesus Christ my Lord.

(3) So, my brother, if the things this world gave you
Leave hungers that won’t pass away,
My blessed Lord will come and save you,

If you kneel to Him and humbly pray:
Even when you are feeling your worst and most un-usable by the Lord, then the Lord Jesus can and will use us for His glory. Think about Jonah, Moses, Gideon and Solomon: reluctant to take the call and the role the Lord had allotted them, they were all used in such mighty ways by Him who changes situations, people and even desires.
Jesus really is the true SOURCE of our HAPPINESS, JOY, PEACE and PROVISION in life.
It’s truly awesome the way that He comes;
When you are feeling weak, He gives you strength.
When you are lonely He there in a moment of praise.
When you are broke, He sends the ravens to feed you.
When you are thirsty, He sends the rain to give you to drink.
When you are hurting, His stripes are for your healing.
When the storms in life come, He invites you to walk on water.
When you are hungry, He can turn stones into bread or send mana from Heaven.
When you are rejected, abused, neglected, you’ll find Jesus is the one who sticks closer than a brother.
John 4:14 (KJV) “But whosoever drinks of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.”
Jesus really does give us living water so that we will thirst, hunger and want; no more. He’s enough, He’s enough to SATISFY all our longings in life. His WELL will NEVER run dry.
Oh how I love Jesus,
Oh how I love Jesus,
Oh how I love Jesus,
because He first loved me.
Have an awesome day with your Lord and Saviour.

Why Am I Suffering?

Jesus answer to suffering

Daily Spirit & Word 601: Why Am I Suffering?

Good morning my friends, did you see the Blood Moon yesterday? For some strange reason I awoke just as the shadow of the Earth began to cover the moon, so I watched it for a while. The moon looked quite big, they called it a super moon, but I’m sure I’ve seen even bigger moons than that when I was a child 🙂 Overshadow? I’m thinking what the Lord may be saying about that today.

I can’t give a reason for EVERYONE’S suffering, but sometimes the Lord wants to teach us something.

My friends Roy Hutchinson shared this on FB today:

Psalm 73:14-17 (ANIV)
14  All day long I have been plagued; I have been punished every morning.
15  If I had said, “I will speak thus,” I would have betrayed your children.
16  When I tried to understand all this, it was oppressive to me
17  till I entered the sanctuary of God; then I understood their final destiny.

If you read that whole Psalm, you’ll see the Psalmist is complaining to the LORD: Why do ‘good’ people have to suffer?


When we suffer sometimes we ask the question “Why?” Why am I suffering. Sometimes Christians get ashamed about their suffering or the duration of their suffering, because they think it’s the judgement of God. Other brothers and sisters sometimes don’t help, because they say things like; “You should pray about that” or “Perhaps God is disciplining you”… When you are suffering you want people to show some sympathy and empathy.

But it is GOOD to ask the question: “Why am I suffering?” but we should always ask the LORD not other people, because, unless they’ve been given a word of Knowledge from Him, they will not know.

1 Peter 4:12-19
12 Dear friends, do not be surprised at the painful trial you are suffering, as though something strange were happening to you. 13  But rejoice that you participate in the sufferings of Christ, so that you may be overjoyed when his glory is revealed.
14  If you are insulted because of the name of Christ, you are blessed, for the Spirit of glory and of God rests on you.
15  If you suffer, it should not be as a murderer or thief or any other kind of criminal, or even as a meddler.
16  However, if you suffer as a Christian, do not be ashamed, but praise God that you bear that name.
17  For it is time for judgment to begin with the family of God; and if it begins with us, what will the outcome be for those who do not obey the gospel of God?
18  And, “If it is hard for the righteous to be saved, what will become of the ungodly and the sinner?”
19  So then, those who suffer according to God’s will should commit themselves to their faithful Creator and continue to do good.

However, there are some great reasons why we suffer, but it’s good to ask the Lord the question “WHY?” He may reveal something that, unless the suffering had come, you would continue to be unaware of in your character or walk with Him.

Two verses jumped out at me from that passage today (perhaps another speaks to you in a different way), the verses were 15 & 17.

Verse 15 “If you suffer, it should not be as a murderer or a thief or any other kind of evildoer (criminal), or even as a meddler (someone who interferes in the affairs of others).”

How many ‘good’ Christians do you know, who are meddlers? The Church is rife with people who meddle, we should not do it.

  • If you are a meddler, then you are an obstacle to someone else’s pathway in life.
  • If you are a meddler, you are interfering in an obtrusive, noticeable way.

Verse 17: “For it is time for judgment to begin with the family of God; and if it begins with us, what will the outcome be for those who do not obey the gospel of God?”

It is so easy for the follower of Jesus to skip over the first part of verse 17 and focus upon the outcome of the sinner who doesn’t respond to the Gospel when they hear it. However, the first part could quite possible be even more enlightening for us; “For it is TIME for judgement to begin with the family of God”. We don’t like to think that Father God will judge us, but it’s good for us if He does.

God disciplines, and judges those who belong to HIM NOW: “God disciplines those He loves”. He’s perfecting, training, shaping and moulding our Characters to become more and more like Jesus Christ, it is far better to KNOW that you belong to God’s family and experience His loving discipline now rather than wait for the judgement to come. We should invite the Lord to show us where we need to be transformed. “What’s next on Your agenda for me Heavenly Father?” Because our earthly nature, though it was put to death when we were baptised and united with Christ, is NOT completely dead, and will try and creep back up onto the throne of our life and kick the Lord Jesus Christ off.

It’s TIME for Judgement to begin with the Household (family) of God.

In other words, it is good for us when the Lord of Heaven disciplines us. So it’s no wonder this passage begins with “Dear friends, do not be surprised at the painful trial you are suffering, as though something strange were happening to you.” and continues with “rejoice”… It’s GOOD for us to experience some suffering, so we should never be ashamed or down-hearted or beaten down: Instead Christians should Rejoice! Sing hallelujah! Praise the LORD! Why? Because we are becoming more and more like our Lord Jesus Christ.

So what should we do when we’re suffering?

First: REJOICE and PRAISE THE LORD: I know how hard that is sometimes, but it is what happens to us when we do it. JOY comes into our hearts when we praise the Lord, even when we’re in pain and suffering all kinds of trials.

Next: Continue to do Good: Verse 19 “So then, those who suffer according to God’s will should commit themselves to their faithful Creator and continue to do good.”

Continue (even when you are suffering) to do good.

When I had a bad back just recently and found it difficult even to walk, there wasn’t much good I could do, but I prayed, studied God’s Word and shared with people in fellowship and online. It is the CONTINUING: Keep going even when the going gets tough.

Jesus will help you and give you the comfort, encouragement, and strength that you need when you are suffering. There were so many wonderful encouragements I received from the Lord whilst suffering in agony. Praise the LORD!

So it’s good to ASK the Lord, “Why Am I Suffering?”

Draw near to God, and He’ll draw near to you.

Hope you all have a fantastic, wonderful, tremendous Tuesday with Jesus.


P.S. Please PRAY for us as we gather for Discipleship Fellowship Tonight @ 7.30pm in St Luke’s Church.